Sunday, July 5, 2009

Amen - Head On (Full LP)

With several years of life experience under his belt following the release of 2006's critically acclaimed mixtape Legend Killer with Seattle resident and Kube: 93 personality DJ Hyphen, Amen has returned with his latest full length endeavor – Head On.

Head On is meant as a primer for forthcoming releases from Amen – as it encapsulates a mix of eleven (11) new and/or unreleased material into a single, cohesive project. Featuring production from longtime collaborators DJ Forge, Khrysis, and Johnny Drama; as well as relative newcomers MG the Future and Midi Marc – this album serves as the first offering in a five album series.

All five albums will be released digitally for free and will follow a theme inspired by the HBO television series – Entourage. Each album will be titled and share a loose thematic influence from each of the fictional films featured on the show. All five releases will contain a minimum of ten (10) tracks, resulting in the distribution of over fifty songs worth of free material. Video and Audio will be posted consistently at , including behind the scenes footage and exclusive songs in addition to the album material.

As with the film in Entourage, Head On is designed to be the first “starring” role for this 27 year old MC, and ideally will deliver the optimistic promise to listeners of greater and more entertaining projects for the future.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

You'll Do VLOG III

Amen reveals the secret to getting groupies.. lol

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Making Of: Nature Boy

Forge and Amen - Nature Boy

The latest track from Head On (right around the corner) is courtesy of quintessential producer - DJ Forge. This track is called Nature Boy, for the obvious reason - that Amen and Drama are truly obsessed with wrestling.

Forge and Amen - Nature Boy

Friday, May 29, 2009

Feature Friday

This particular song is not featured on Head On, however is featured on E-Clipz's latest release, Fuck You Play Me. The link for the song is below - along with a link where you can download the mixtape in its entirety FOR FREE!

E-Clipz ft. Amen - Stay the Same

The Entire FYPM Mixtape

Monday, May 25, 2009

Amen - Tried to Tell Ya (prod. Keelay and Zaire)

The second leak from Head On comes courtesy of Bay/VA dynamos Keelay and Zaire. Their album, Riding High is outstanding, and if you havent copped it yet - do so immediately. The song is called Tried to Tell Ya, and the Zshare link is below!

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